The Designers Foundry 7 A Non-Reader for people who like to look at letters

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Directors
    David Einwaller, Daniel McQueen
  • Client
    The Designers Foundry

The updated 3rd edition of the Morion Non-Reader for people who like to look at letters released in 2020 is a unique take on the traditional “type specimen”. Designed for the rerelease of Morion typeface. The Non-Reader can be seen as an experiment to remove the meaning behind the written word and instead focus on the visual appearance of type in a reading format.

Under the pretext of a classic vintage reader, many layouts and text-sizes are used to push the boundaries of typographic compositions and show the letterforms as authentically as possible in as many ways as possible. To wink at the aesthetic fetishism, the viewer is invited to consume forms, without being distracted by the nonsensical meaning of written text itself.

Pages: 110
Pages Size: 118 x 180 mm
Binding: Softbound Cold Glue
Paper: Munken Print Cream 1.5, Rives Linear