Stuart Geddes 25 Michael Gibb David Thomas: Love Poem to Life

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Directors
    Stuart Geddes, Michael Gibb
  • Client
    Heide Museum of Modern Art

This book arose from the exhibition Love Poem to Life, by artist David Thomas, held at Heide Museum of Modern Art, in the modernist architectural masterpiece Heide II. The book came from this context, and set out to capture the site-responsive work in the show, but also the working-towards-the-show, as well as some of the accumulated thinking, working, teaching, writing, note-taking and living that is present in David’s work. Scraps of lecture notes and one-liners and ideas for titles, as well as extended writing from different moments and contexts, are accompanied by a huge variety of work created over 40-or-so years. The book was designed in close conversation with the artist, including collaboratively printing a series of monochromes that are bound into the book. The book appears messy and accumulative, but this is countered by a clean, institutional ‘art catalogue’ anchor in the centre of the book.