National Gallery of Victoria Alexander McQueen: Mind Mythos Muse

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
    Dirk Hiscock

Early in McQueen’s career he cut his teeth in Saville Row, learning the art of traditional pattern making and tailoring. From these traditional beginnings he would be best remembered as an innovator within the industry. I wanted to try to approach the book as a garment, with different textures, materials, and stocks. I liked the idea of the unexpected, the internal pages referencing pattern making though the use of tracing paper, tissue like cream stock and linen. Over time the linen itself may begin to fray and disintegrate much like a garment. I used tracing paper to create a multi sheet title page, playing with the way the reader interacts with the publication. Page design was treated somewhat formally however with exaggerated features, oversized folios and inverted images printed on trace. In the centre of the publication the layout breaks out from this formality, choosing to reveal the page guides (pattern) in print. The thin cream stock chosen to allow for show through, all creating this forced interaction between design and imagery.