Conrad Gargett Queensland Rail Station Design Manual

  • Ng─ü Kaimahi / Team Members
    Chris Wardle, Amanda Kershaw, Ellie Chen, Rachel Wong, Susan Ellison, Angela Silanesu
  • Client
    Queensland Rail

Queensland Rail required a full overhaul of their Station Design Manual, a key document in the suite of reference documents for station upgrades statewide including the South East Queensland network and regional Travel and Tourism services.

The redesigned Station Design Manual includes:
160+ new MS Word templates for ongoing internal department updates,
1 master Adobe Indesign template,
100+ new icons inspired by individual station elements,
80+ new diagrams and illustrations,
60+ new photographs,
1000+ Interactive links (web version),
7 new chapter divider graphics,
1 new User Guide document.

The result is a unified Station Design Manual that is purpose built for reference and engagement by both new and experienced station designers and consultants. The document is currently closed to the public but can be downloaded as an interactive PDF upon request from Queensland Rail.