WorkGroup 3 'Pause' by Abel

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Directors
    Tom Crampin, Nicholas Shackleton
  • Client

Introducing Pause by Abel - A restorative fragrance created to center, balance, and calm the mind and body during hormonal change. Aiming to tackle harmful ingrained associations with perimenopause and celebrate the beauty of evolution and growth. The campaign idea for Pause was ‘Illumination’ – talking to Abel’s mission to open a new narrative on the topic of perimenopause, looking at things in a new light with a feeling that is bright, transparent, and optimistic.

A 100% natural eau de parfum inspired by the journey of womanhood - challenging preconceived notions of perimenopause & celebrates the wisdom, self-assurance, and enlightenment of aging and hormonal change.

The Pause campaign celebrates vibrancy and confidence with a bright & vivid colour palette of orange and mimosa yellow - one of the fragrances’ natural ingredients. Visually, the bottle is framed within layers of mimosa plants, shifting glass, and radiating light - a consistent motif throughout the branding campaign. In the motion piece of the Pause campaign, the bottle is shown through these shifting layers - showing complexity, movement, and growth. With the branding itself, drawing on & developing throughout the entirety of the animated piece, the aim was to showcase development as time goes on with it all springing into full colour & light once the final product is revealed. In this piece, Pause is taking a moment, offering a sense of calm, and creating a beautiful sense of self. The motion is designed to flow in its own time, a kind of visual mantra that is both calming, soothing, and elevating.

Abel’s Pause embarks on sparking new conversation on perimenopause whilst also shifting the existing biases and “To take Perimenopause out of the shadows and illuminate it with a moment of pause in a time of beautiful evolution” - Abel Founder, Frances Shoemack.