WorkGroup 3 Milk 66 Blunt Umbrellas


Blunt is human-centered, with umbrellas designed to be both helpful and beautiful for people to use. Blunt saw an opportunity to turn challenging umbrella moments into joyful ones - giving the confidence to move through life with ease. Moving differently, with you, every interaction engineered brilliantly, designed, and streamlined to feel intuitive, personal, and joyful.

The task here was to reflect those ideals of movement, showing motion with emotion. To showcase the almost ‘human’ nature of the product, reflecting its intuitive flexes, characterful pops, and beautiful flares. The loveable moments it has and gives. Framing the functionality happening brilliantly, delivered with maximum personality. In essence, the moves that move people to love them as much as they do.

By recreating the umbrellas in 3D space, we had the control to break down and recreate the flow of movement that’s engineered into every umbrella - the form of each signature move, amplifying the beauty of the functional solution, and uniqueness in character, designed for life, to protect you and project your own style.

The motion work is successful in showing how the products move in an unmistakable Blunt way. Highlighting the full range of movement and dynamic of the products, with a series of ‘moving moments’ captured the shape and feeling through the product’s movement in a variety of sequences. The result is both a study in engineering excellence, designed aesthetic, and diverse colourful beauty.