Universal Favourite 16 Universal Favourite Youthforia

Design Craft 2021 Credits
  • Creative Director
    Dari Israelstam
  • Design Director
    Ali Ozden
  • Team Members
    Kristen Walsh, Leon Shore, Sherry Wang
  • Contributors
    Renders - 3D2D, Brand writer - Cat Wall
  • Client

Youthforia is a US-based digital-first, Gen Z clean beauty brand whose mission is to make makeup more playful. They encourage people to use makeup whenever they want, however they want — strictly no rules. Their products are for a self-expressive youth market who want to have fun — whether it’s with their face, their place, or how they fill space.

Youthforia came to us in need of a visual identity and packaging solution that would resonate with an always-online Gen Z audience while communicating the fun, offbeat, irreverent nature of the brand.

The brand’s premise of having fun and playing around extends to its packaging. Each item comes in different colours, with different holders to choose from, bringing back the thrill of coveted childhood collectibles and adding an extra element of fun.

We worked with Michael Warren at 3D2D to develop a suite of motion and still 3D assets that would showcase the modularity of the products, while bolstering the rebellious nature of the brand.

The hyper-real renders in a not-so-real environment played perfectly into the maximalist aesthetic of Youthforia, and played a key role in communications, across website, advertising, and social.