Richards Partners 34 Amaia of Takapuna

  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Director
    Caroline Konarkowska
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Member
    Tommy Chin
  • Kaitautoko / Contributors
    Jinki Cambronero, Jamie Bichan
  • Client
    Kingstone Property

Amaia is an apartment development brand that combines the best of urban, suburban and coastal living, emphasising warmth, connection, and community. Located on 48 Esmonde Road, Takapuna, the development sits atop a circular, island-like piece of land close to the water.

Inspired by nature, the masterplan for Amaia borrows from the structure of canopies on forest islands. Apartments overlook the central civic plaza as the beating heart of the development, and the surrounding green spaces create connection to nature and the waterfront in a relaxed setting.

Effectively, materials form our built environments. We approached the photography of Amaia’s material swatches with this in mind. We selected elements that would create mini-environments, evocative of those that you would find at Amaia.

Light-reflections cast from ‘water’ were used to evoke the feeling of living close to the sea, forming dappled light across each background like refracted light hitting the wall of an apartment. When the development is complete, golden light glistening on the building exterior, filtered through foliage of native trees like Pohutukawa will be a common occurrence during sunset and sunrise.

Neutral colours were chosen to feature the characteristics of the material swatches, highlighting everything from the fine grain of the wood to the enticing marble of the kitchen countertops.

To create a counterpoint to these swatches, we dressed the shots with dried flora indicative of the biodiversity that will surround the development and added soft fabrics that feature the brand’s sunset colour palette, in order to create a feeling of home.
Beyond the functional documentation of the materials and fittings in the apartments, the end result is a photographic set that communicates the feeling of warmth foundational to the Amaia brand.