One Design 55 Selaks - Origins

  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Directors
    David Macdonald, Rachel Doughty
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    David Macdonald, Briar Mark, Casey King, Coco Campbell
  • Kaitautoko / Contributor
    Victoria Garcia
  • Client
    Constellation Brands

Reinventing one of the biggest wine brands in New Zealand.

Marino Selak arrived in New Zealand long before there was good wine produced here, so he set about making some with incredible results. The Selaks brand quickly became synonymous with great tasting, accessible wine to be enjoyed by everyone.

Fast forward over eighty years and Selaks continues to deliver quality wine of exceptional value year on year. However it needed to inject modernity into its packaging with an overhaul of the design across all tiers. This coincided with the articulation of a new brand proposition ‘Devoted to Taste’ aimed to firmly cement Selaks as the winery that focusses on creating great tasting wine.

For the refreshed mid-tier, this proposition was manifested and brought to life by the unique taste profile enriched by each appellation. Aptly named Selaks Origins, this tier truly celebrates the combination of the distinct terrior and flavour profiles of each varietal.

With flavour front of mind, illustration was employed to accentuate each varietal’s distinct taste profile. With the appellation’s terrior depicted as base elements within each illustration, the fruit flavours intertwined with flora and fauna found in each region. The taste of each varietal becoming front and centre, visually embedding the brand proposition on pack.

Foiled in gold, the large Selaks wordmark takes pride of place to ensure ease of shoppability as the brand cannot be overlooked on shelf.