Method 10 Postcards from Aotearoa

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
    Sam Ramlu
  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Director
    Matt Power
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Lahiru De Silva, Roshan Nowshad, Scott Pearson, Sophie Douglas
  • Kaitautoko / Contributor
    Hannah Rogers

It’s holiday season and Aunty Tui wants you to join her as she travels around Aotearoa discovering epic vacation spots in our beautiful country.

Kiwis are an intrepid bunch – we love getting out and exploring this great country of ours. From Cape Reinga to the Bluff, there are some incredible places and faces to discover.

We created a game that entices our young tamariki to add some fun, excitement, and anticipation to their whānau’s holiday planning while reinforcing some of our great destinations and their cultural icons.

We want to spark curiosity and a sense of adventure in tamariki to explore their own backyard and discover unfamiliar places as well as those they already know and love.

As it did for many others, Covid-19 provided inspiration in a time of gloom. We saw an opportunity to reinvigorate Kiwis’ love for travel by showcasing some of Aotearoa’s vacation spots through an uplifting and warm-hearted game. A game that offers tamariki an opportunity to play a more integral part in the travel decision-making journey by becoming better informed about local destinations.

Targeted at kids aged 5-9, the game is delivered through HEIHEI and invites our nation’s tamariki to join Aunty Tui as she explores our country. Tui visits a raft of places and, wherever she goes, she sends a postcard inviting tamariki to join her in discovering some of Aotearoa’s well known, or well hidden, travel gems.

Before kids can join Aunty Tui they’re tasked with dressing and equipping their character with the appropriate clothing and accessories to match the destination they’re headed to. Once packed and ready to go, they’ll be whisked away to join her. She then heads off to her next destination and another postcard arrives…

Designed with Kiwi tamariki in mind, beautifully crafted design and whimsical illustrations bring the game to life alongside an intuitive interface with seamless and kid-tested game mechanics. We illustrated a variety of facial features and hairstyles so kids could customise their characters to their likeness or simply play with some fun combinations.

Each postcard was carefully crafted to include key features from our hero destinations and a nod to our team was included in each with their own whanau illustrated while team members without kids enjoyed ‘surfing’ in Raglan. These scenes are then delightfully animated as a reward for completing that level.

Postcards from Aotearoa is accompanied by an uplifting custom soundtrack that adds the final touch to an experience we hope Kiwi kids all around the country will relish.