Interweave Group 6 Four Pillars Gin Bloody Shiraz Campaign

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
    Daniel Cookson
  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Director
    Michael Longton
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Meghan Atkins, Georgia McNeil, Matt Bowman
  • Client
    Four Pillars Gin

Bloody Shiraz Gin is a gin unlike any other. Described by Master Distiller, Cam, as an 'experiment that went right', this is a gin that has won fans the world over—both gin fanatics and novices alike—with its sensational colour and incredible taste. However, the marketing approach had previously focussed largely on the ‘making’ aspect—as opposed to the icon status it had achieved. This year presented an opportunity to highlight and celebrate the gin’s unique and brash personality, centring on the lush, rich colour of the liquid as the hero of the campaign and brand.

Inspired by the luscious qualities of the purple liquid—and the quirky and irreverent brand personality—a series of mesmerising visual assets were created. Created entirely in-house, and using actual liquid imaging, a 3D approach was employed to visualise the fluidity of the Bloody Shiraz Gin liquid.

These liquid assets were then integrated into a series of film pieces, audaciously featuring the gin’s most provocative nickname: ‘BLOODY’. The name—which references the process of ‘bleeding’ colour from wine grapes—adds an irreverent brashness when used in the cheeky colloquial Australian context.

The campaign was all about capturing the ‘moment of revelation’—that remarkable instance when someone tries the Bloody Shiraz Gin for the first time. This ‘Bloody Revelation’ is visualised through a series of videos featuring the stunning purple liquid slowly and gracefully enveloping people’s faces, as if capturing the exact moment of impact.

Brought to life through a series of hyper-staged and stylised scenes, we see two models—gin drink in hand—with the glistening purple liquid flowing gracefully across their faces. In motion, the liquid moves in ultra-slow motion, as if defying gravity, bringing a surreal luxuriousness and mesmerising beauty to every droplet as it descends. A true metaphor of the all-consuming sensorial experience of Bloody Shiraz Gin.

The videos were further supported by a contemporary, spacious soundtrack—bringing a calming ambience to the content.