Imagic Creative Agency 7 Woodsman Brand Photography

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Directors
    Dale Fairbairn, Mark Bridgwater
  • Pou Rautaki / Strategic Lead
    Paul Fairbairn
  • Client

Woodsman, an iconic New Zealand brand, traces its roots back to the visionary W. H. Harris, a Christchurch tinsmith in 1887. With a rich history and enduring legacy, Woodsman has evolved into a beloved name, synonymous with excellence in the wood
burner industry.

During the Woodsman rebranding process, we recognised the crucial importance of refreshing the brand imagery to align with our goal of elevating the Woodsman brand to new heights.

This led us to curate a captivating suite of images, carefully selected to resonate with the essence of Woodsman and create a visual library that truly embodies the brand's vision and aspirations.

The rebranding embraced a compelling concept of duality, juxtaposing the feelings evoked by the warm feeling of a classic log burner with the real facts and figures that highlight their sustainability and cost-effectiveness as a home heating solution. This approach appeals to both the emotional and rational sensibilities of consumers.

With imagery being a crucial aspect of telling the Woodsman brand story and positioning them as a market leader, we planned and executed a series of images that showcased the juxtaposition between the sleek finished products and their gritty beginnings; further strengthening the ‘real’ and ‘feel’ aspects that make up the new brand.

The manufacturing photos were shot in a reportage style, showing the real side of the hand-made steel fires: dark, gritty and unashamedly dirty. Real and honest.

In contrast, we carefully captured a series of low-key images using soft, sculptural lighting. These images were specifically crafted to highlight the architectural beauty of Woodsman
products, leaning towards an artistic expression rather than a traditional product showcase. This deliberate approach created a perfect canvas to seamlessly integrate additional brand elements, enhancing the overall visual narrative.

The result was a range of images with a dark and rich thread that connect them throughout — fitting perfectly within the wider brand image strategy.