Colenso BBDO 52 Match Photographers Breast Cancer Foundation New Zealand The Survivors Collection

Design Craft 2018 Credits
  • Creative Directors
    Nick Worthington, Maria Devereux, Kim Ragan
  • Team Members
    Emily Osborne, Henry Wall, Angela Watson, Tymon Rackley, Abbi Barker, Steven Boniface, Evangelia Henderson, Kim Barker, Serena Fountain-Jones, Sarah Cooper, Natalie Clements, Jason King, Daniel Sian, Shona Kelway, Anete Smith, Kelly McDiarmid, Pete Ritchie
  • Contributors
    Auckland Art Gallery / Tamarind Swann, Sixty Four, Match Photographers
  • Client
    Breast Cancer Foundation New Zealand
Judge's comments:

Inspirational, amazing, confronting and at the same time delivered with beauty, care and intelligence.