YoungShand 7 Unconditional Skincare Co.

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Directors
    Scott Maddox, Anne Boothroyd
  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Director
    Scott Maddox
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Julie Spedding, Rachel Jamieson, Jack Wadham, Karla Tarr, Elliot Oxborough, Andrea Lovetere, Ryan Sproull, Marie-Claire Manson, Nigel Sutton, Kat Cox, Emma Dalton, Clare McCracken, Kirsten Bray, Kereti Kanawa, Heike Middleton, Ryan Overeem, Marty Goldschmitz
  • Client
    BLIS Technologies

Dry, oily, too red, too wrinkly, too freckly, not clear enough. Not enough. This is how women have been conditioned to think about their skin. One in two women surveyed as part of the Skin Confidence Survey undertaken by Unconditional Skincare Co. said they felt bombarded with unrealistic beauty messages. One in three said these messages affect their self-esteem.*

With 15 years of research into skin probiotics, Blis Technologies had proven that the solution to healthy skin lies in the microbiome – not elsewhere. And all skin has the potential to be it's healthy best when nurtured with the support of live probiotics.

So, when we took on the challenge of launching this new skincare brand, we knew there was an opportunity to kick start a conversation with women about more than just their choice of skincare products.

Everything from the brand's name – Unconditional Skincare Co. – to the tone of voice, design identity and packaging was developed to encourage women to look at their skin in a new way – as the solution, not the problem.

The wordmark utilised a San Serif typeface to create an approachable but scientific tone right from the start. The icon is also easily recognised as the U for Unconditional.

The U was split into two parts to represent the two different elements within the product and the unique double chambers within the packaging. While the curved part represents the 'Hydrator' and depicts water, the squarer segment represents the more structured scientific nature of the 'Probiotic Serum'. Together, the two elements form a perfect balance to convey how the product balances the skin microbiome.

The packaging and label design allowed us to inject the brand's unique tone of voice into the visual identity, with the ripped effect representing the act of revealing your true skin and wholeheartedly accepting it for what it is. This bold style stands out on the shelf, carving its own space in the category.

The icon formed the basis of our design system. It was carried throughout the brand from packaging to website design, creating an ownable logo set that can be used across all media.

The understanding of unconditional acceptance has driven the brand's broader purpose, taking their 'skin peace for all' mission beyond the bottle to help all women find a sense of peace with their skin through a world-first Skin Peace Pledge. With the input of everyday women and an expert advisor, Unconditional Skincare Co. is co-creating the Skin Peace Pledge – their commitment to a new way of talking about skin and beauty without the negative impacts on women's self-esteem.

Unconditional Skincare Co. rejects unrealistic beauty messages that make women question whether their skin is worthy of unconditional love because they know that your skin is enough.
And they believe that together, we can achieve skin peace for all in ourselves and as a society.