Extended Whānau 39 Mauri Tau

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
    Tyrone Ohia
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Rob Lewis, Viv Teo, Toaki Okano, Scotty Cotter, Whetu Silver, Komako Silver, Fran Kora, Matt Eller, Jordan Keyzer
  • Client
    Silo Theatre

Mauri Tau is a unique storytelling experience that weaves together the magic of theatre, mythology and nature and immerses the listener, in a playful and reflective hīkoi guided by Te Iwa o Matariki, the nine stars of Matariki.

It is written and directed by Scotty Cotter and produced by Silo Theatre.

We were approached to design the identity for Mauri Tau.

Upon reading the script, the idea of a hyper-alertness to ourselves and to our surroundings resonated.

How does our environment affect us and how sharply are we in tune with the signals it’s sending us on a daily basis. How often do we listen to our inner selves, and check-in with our own internal universe?

Through these thoughts we developed a hero image for Mauri Tau focussed on the māhunga (head) and it’s importance as a portal between our inner selves and the world around us.

We crafted a portrait of a person in tune with the moods and sensations of the wider universe. A person aware and knowing, but a person always searching, keeping eyes and ears and wairua (spirit) open to the tohu (signals) around us.

The rich background colours amplify the sky to a hyper-realistic degree, bridging us into the celestial and the world of mythology.

Finally, the graphic whatu (cross weaves) create a more direct link to whetū (stars) and Matariki. The nine whatu constantly shift, reforming in different layouts for each billboard and poster, giving off different signs and relationships each time they resettle.

The campaign was rolled out across web, billboards, posters and flyers.