Warren and Mahoney Architects 77 10x10x10

  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Georgie Andrews, Justin Crook, Peter Marshall, Richard McGowan, Emma Haughton, Blair Johnston
  • Kaitautoko / Contributors
    Dame Aroha Reriti-Crofts, Leeann Watson, Whare Timu, Joseph Hampton, Hayley Fisher, Fiona Short, Sarah Rowlands, Ian Hutchinson, Dennis Radermacher, Olivia Spencer-Bower, Baptise Marconnet, Simon Wilson, Patrick Reynolds, Stephen Goodenough, Simon Devitt, Dawid Wisniewski
  • Client
    Warren and Mahoney

In the immediate aftermath of the 2011 earthquakes we initiated a conversation with ten Canterbury leaders to assess the challenges confronting us in the present, and to explore the shape and character of Christchurch in the future. In this 10-year anniversary edition - 10x10x10 - we reflect on Ōtautahi and its people as we mark a decade since the tragic events of 2011.

The dust has settled, and Ōtautahi is renewed and repairing. There is a palpable sense of energy, optimism and pride in our collective purpose. In this publication we discuss how far we have come, what yet remains to consider, and an emerging, exciting future for our city.

This is captured in a way that places emphasis on people and colour rather than brand, architecture or design. Previous publications that cover similar subject matter have traditionally found form through muted tones of grey, black, white and red – embodying the brutalist architectural identity of the city’s heritage. 10x10x10 is instead intended to embody the energy of a city on the rise, emphasising vibrant and friendly colours.

This colour palette references an inspiring photograph of the Memorial Bridge, a proud beacon of hope in the city. The bridge weaves together the surrounding landscape, the character of Ōtautahi, its people, and the values of tangata. The palette brings life to these conversations, gives pace to the document, heroes carefully curated photography, and sets the tone for further placemaking and city development.

A true showcase of collaboration, the publication design offers rich insights and a personal experience through print. It embodies Ōtautahi’s shared vision for a reimagined and enhanced city of the future.