Society. 2 A safe anchorage

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
    Tom Lear
  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Director
    Tom Lear
  • Client
    Te Tuinga Whanau

There is beauty within everyone and some of the less fortunate just need a little helping hand with strengthening their shell. 

Pāua didn’t always have a shell to call home. Tangaroa, god of the sea, saw the difficulties that this created and decided to create something special for Pāua. He said: “I will take from my domain the coolest blues of the ocean. And ask of my brother Tāne the freshest greens of the forest. From the dawn you shall have a tinge of violet. From the sunset a blush of pink. And overall there will be a shimmer of mother of pearl”.

With this, Tangaroa created a wonderful coat for Pāua that sparkled and dazzled in the light. But it was fragile and soon broken by those sea creatures who were envious of Pāua’s new appearance. Tangaroa saw this, so he showed Pāua how to add layers upon layers to strengthen the shell finishing it off with a camouflage that would blend in with the rocks. Tangaroa then challenged Pāua with the life-long task of adding layer upon delicate layer, each continuing to strengthen his home and protecting the wonderful colour inside. 

Te Tuinga Whanau asked us to help create a visual theme and story for their event ‘Tauranga - A safe anchorage for all’. The purpose of the event was to bring community leaders together and teach them how they are rapidly chasing down their goal of zero homelessness by 2025.