Richards Partners 34 Amaia of Takapuna

  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Director
    Caroline Konarkowska
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Kyle Ranudo, Tommy Chin, Ro Chen, Brya Taylor, Brian Richards, Scott Wallace, Katie Paterson
  • Kaitautoko / Contributors
    Jinki Cambronero, Toaki Okano, Jessica Gernat, Jamie Bichan, Wildlabs, One to One Hundred
  • Client
    Kingstone Property

Amaia is a property development brand that combines the best of urban, suburban and coastal living, emphasising warmth, connection, and community.

The design of the Amaia brand, like the location of the development itself, plays in the space between city and coast — an urban village with the ocean at its doorstep.

In the Amaia colours, we wanted to communicate the homely sense of warmth that was foundational in the design of the brand identity. The Amaia target audience — primarily young professionals — will likely work in the CBD, finding themselves at home before and after their commutes, at sunrise and sunset. Our colours were created to evoke the feeling of a new home, offering a glimpse of an idyllic future, and capturing quiet golden-hour moments by the sea.

Amaia means ‘lunar rainbow’ in Māori, so a diverse range of colours were selected. Nightfall Black acts as an elegant backdrop to support the gamut of Sunlight Yellow, Moss Green, Pohutukawa Red and Dusk Blue, each serving to represent aspects of the built environment around the development itself.

Building from this, these colours were mixed into Amaia gradients encapsulating not only dusk and dawn, but the interconnection of people coming together to create something beautiful.

Colour informed not only the print collateral and digital outputs, but guided the furniture styling in the show suite, the colour grading of the lifestyle photography, the time of day the renders depict, and even the relaxed tone of voice used in the copywriting.

The Amaia colours, and gradient-mixing give the brand flexibility to offer moments of serendipity and surprise that keep the brand feeling alive and ever-changing — much like the vibrant colours across the sky one might find in the waking hours of the morning.