Roam Digital 25 Play in the Grey

User Experience 2020 Credits
  • Creative Director
    Steve Stones-Havas
  • Design Directors
    Sam Bunny, Lucas Coelho
  • Team Members
    Clayton Gomez, Aristarkh Tikhonov, Stanislav Pankrashin, Jeroen Rooijmans, Michael Gomwe, Marilia Basso, Igor Trubnikov, Jason Healy
  • Contributors
    Asa Cox, Paul Bracewell, Jason Wells
  • Client
    Play in the Grey
Judge's comments:

Play in the Grey is an innovative example of how design can empower sports teams with a distinctive digital solution. It looks technically complex and yet also user friendly. It is an accessible AI product for sports teams and coaches who want to study, improve player outcomes and share athletic performance data.