Roam Digital 25 MyFoodBag's new iOS experience

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Directors
    Thea Betts, Lucas Coelho
  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Directors
    Thea Betts, Chonny Iamsrithong
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Ethan Worley, Craig Jordan, Nadine Finlay, Kalem Hall, Lana Shatonova
  • Client
    My Food Bag

My Food Bag delivers more than a million meal kits to New Zealanders every month, to over 30,000 subscribers. Many subscribers were finding it difficult to personalise meals and adapt deliveries week-to-week to fit into their busy lives. My Food Bag engaged us to help them solve this problem by developing an improved mobile experience. The existing app offered limited functionality and was not a native mobile experience, with users often being led through a webview within the app out to a browser. The client envisioned a streamlined, updated native mobile app with a more intuitive interface.

We kicked off the project with a discovery phase, to explore the viability of potential features for the new app and help guide our UX and UI explorations. We organised client workshops that covered a cross-section of functions and roles within My Food Bag. This included members of the test kitchen teams, who gave us an in-depth breakdown of the process of creating the recipes that form the core of their business model. We also interviewed members of the customer service teams, to ensure that we had a granular view of customer needs and queries so we could identify potential areas of improvement.

One of these areas was transparency over deliveries, with customers wanting more insight into delivery timelines and processes. So in redesigning the app, we also redesigned the user journey to ensure that users would be able to browse bags and find their perfect bag intuitively and easily. We conducted two rounds of user testing, and this aspect of the app was very well-received by users in both rounds.

We value opportunities to design and develop products based on real-world user data, and this engagement was a prime example. We were given extensive data, providing insight into the preferences of My Food Bag subscribers. We were able to identify trends and edge cases, and ensure we were catering to the needs of the majority of subscribers. This tied in with the client’s desire to help as many foodies as possible enjoy an optimised mobile experience as part of their My Food Bag journey.

The new My Food Bag app launched in April 2021 for iOS. The launch came at a crucial time for the company, following its IPO and initial valuation of $450 million. The app resonated strongly with users, earning a rating of over 4 stars in the App Store and positive reviews from satisfied subscribers.