Colenso BBDO 66 MyHooman

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Directors
    Levi Slavin, Dan Wright, Maria Devereux, Kim Ragan
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Charlie Godinet, Rob Graves, Shannon Doidge, Admad Salim, Nico Hume-Ainsworth, Arameh Borgozi, Shem Dela Cruz Baua, James Tucker, Emma Tait, David Way, Shannon Jahnel Lanktree, Tennille Barnes, Claudio Varoli-Piazza, Chris Domin, Amanda Theobald, Elle Kiddie, Dean Pomfrett, Hamish Steptoe, Josh Hart-Vrijkotte, Jodie Heron, Casey Chan, Nic Seagrave, Logan Maire, Anna Markova, Fabio Cigliano, Ryan Potter, Kyle Wetton, Daniel Mackay, Clive Haskins, Bahvesh Borad, Mahdi Shahbazi, Michelle Wade, Maddy McLean
  • Client
    Fabio Ailings - Global Brand Director, Pedigree


Currently 500 million dogs worldwide are homeless. It’s Pedigree’s mission to put an end to this harrowing statistic by 2030. While they have campaigned heavily for pet adoption, there are inherent challenges that lie at the core of the traditional adoption model. All too often people are shopping for the dog they want, not the dog that’s right for them. As a result, 20% of adopted dogs are returned to shelters.


Our purpose was simple: help dogs find their forever human. The solution required bringing a dog’s needs to the forefront of adoption. So, we created the most powerful one-destination shelter management system in the world: MyHooman, a tech start-up with compatibility at its core. Instead of helping humans find dogs, we help dogs find the right human.

Our research showed that existing platforms were dull and non-experience led. Another problem was that shelter workers suffering from compassion-fatigue were disengaged, causing the priority of dogs’ wellbeing to slip. MyHooman is tailored to benefit shelters and potential-adopters alike.


To revolutionise the adoption process, we put fun and compassion at the heart of a data-driven digital experience.

MyHooman’s dog-first tech matches dogs to the human that best suits their needs. A fun profile builder collects user life-style data and feeds it through an intelligent algorithm that matches dogs with compatible adopters. Much like the Tinder UI, users can flick through a stack of match cards showing the profile of various dogs with similar traits. This means dogs are more likely to get a perfect match the first time, and are less likely to be returned to a shelter.
Every human that applies to adopt will get live updates right up until adoption is complete, and if there isn’t a match that’s quite right, MyHooman will retarget the adopter once a better match becomes available.

On the shelter end, onboarding a dog for adoption is super simple with AI-driven automatic breed detection and dynamically written profiles, with over 20,000 variations. Shelter managers can further give their dogs the best chance for adoption by instantly sharing their profiles across social media. MyHooman’s ease of use, empathetic design, and the streamlined adoption process helps combat compassion-fatigue among shelter workers.


In MyHooman’s first month, over 50% of New Zealand shelters signed up. Within the first few weeks, 590 animal profiles were viewed 33,922 times and 10 adoptions were processed.