Mollie Andersen Scroll

  • Tauira / Student
    Mollie Andersen
  • Kaiako / Lecturer
    Aaron Seymour
  • School
    University of Technology Sydney

In this project, I was required to design a speculative app that explores the notion of the quantified self and data visualisation. The focus of the app may be functional, poetic, political or satirical with the aim of tracking a user’s data and visualising it in a way that is meaningful and understandable. Consider an app that tracks a combination of quantitative and qualitative data. However, the primary concerns of the task are to design the app’s interface and user experience, as well as present data meaningfully to users.

My response to this design opportunity was Scroll. Scroll is a poetic data visualisation app that presents a visual log, or scroll, of one’s reading habits, with a focus on the user’s favourite quotes and passages. Presented as an archive of memories, the app allows the user to reminisce on the books they have previously read. The data collected is represented as a typographic scroll, a beautiful and poetic experience for the user with a minimal interface that has a tactile, hand written quality.