Madeleine Madeleine Garratt Emma Van De Werken Elizabeth Labban Off Script

  • Tauira / Students
    Madeleine Garratt, Emma Van De Werken, Elizabeth Labban
  • Kaiako / Lecturer
    Nicola Hardcastle
  • School
    University of Technology Sydney

Young people can’t relate to the books they’re being asked to read by school curriculums. More often than not, the genres we study and use to categorise books are simply too one-dimensional.

That’s why we’re going ‘Off Script’.

Penguin’s genre-bending microsite, ‘Off Script challenges students to remix the ways stories are traditionally categorised. Student’s voices will be the guide to assist Penguin in re-thinking conventional genre classifications to meet them where they are.

At Penguin, we're helping students discover diverse authors and stories they’ll love by recategorising books into genres that are relevant to their world and experiences.