Jung Hwan Baek MuMap

  • Tauira / Student
    Jung Hwan Baek
  • Kaiako / Lecturers
    Tammie Leong, Don Chooi, Pritika Y. Lal
  • School
    Media Design School

Mumap is a mobile application designed to support young mums going out with their children, providing essential and trustworthy information such as amenities, accessibility, and efficient route to push a stroller and other mums reviews. By doing so, Mumap empowers young mums to overcome social barriers to raise their children.

Becoming a mum would be one of the incredible experiences in human life. However, it also means facing many social barriers they have never experienced before. Especially most young mothers experience many difficulties taking care of their children when going out with them, such as soothing their children, pushing a stroller on an uphill road, breastfeeding and changing a nappy in public places. In this regard, young mums have a kind of disability to move, eat and live a life.
To deal with such issues, mums need specific information, including their destinations' facilities, amenities and accessibility. However, they are frequently unable to get the relevant information since only a few digital platforms are specialised for young mums.

To solve the problem, Mumap provides essential and trustworthy information mums need to go out with their children, such as amenities, facilities, accessibility, and efficient route to push a stroller and an online community where mums can share their experiences and reviews from mums perspectives.

The reason behind this solution is because it is seen as extremely difficult to shift existing social standards to cater to mums completely. Instead, Mumap helps young mums make an efficient plan before going out, providing all relevant information mums need so that they can avoid unexpected problems.

Such Mumap also has a significant commercial impact since young mums are among the most prominent consumer groups. Businesses can establish a partnership with Mumap and promote their amenities, facilities and accessibility to attract more young mums. Through such ways, Mumap plays a vital role as a digital platform connecting young mums to other young mums and businesses.

Mumap has been designed based on the existing technologies such as voice recognition technology and map services, including elevation, road gradient and navigation technology. The user interface was intuitively designed to increase usability, delivering all information more linearly. The usage of high contrast colours prominently speaks for the key brand value of empowerment. It also adds visually interesting aspects to Mumap.

In this regard, Mumap is a unique map service empowering young mums to overcome the social barriers to raise their children, especially when going out with them.