Tong Hiranat Thumbs up

  • Tauira / Student
    Tong Hiranat
  • Kaiako / Lecturers
    Keryn Christiansen, Gerbrand Van Melle

Gamify and improve your unique lifestyle with Thumbs up!
People today's lifestyles are hectic and hurried. We don't have time to manage our lives, but we all want to stay healthy! It would be nice to have a plan or guidance to assist us in living a better lifestyle. Thumbs up is a self-improvement game app that will help you personalise your daily tasks based on your body conditions and motivate you in a fun way to reach your lifestyle goal.
Health isn't a goal, it's a way of living.
I believe in the fact that everyone should be more active in their health, which is the most important thing in our lives. DNA testing was a trend on social media during the pandemic. The DNA test results include health insights that carry instructions for our body's functions and conditions, which are useful and accurate sources to use to improve ourselves. Even genetic testing results can be so useful but also costs so much, and users are likely to not look back at the results again.
People these days are also having a lot of depression and anxiety, and lack healthy lifestyles that suit themselves. it's also challenging for people to manage a healthy lifestyle. What I found is that people in my generation are trying to follow other people's lifestyles on the internet and it's not healthy for them.
Life is too short to follow others' lifestyles, It's time to do it your way!
Creating a design that can benefit people's lives is always my goal as I want to make my design relevant to the world. So I designed an app called "Thumbs up!" to help DNA testers take the most advantage of the DNA test results. Thumbs up will help personalise active lifestyle plans that suit them and benefit their bodies based on their genetic results. A perfect multiple-player game system of Thumbs up will motivate the users in a fun way to have better lifestyles in their unique ways and avoid stress. Thumbs up communities allow users to obtain and provide support to connect with others who have similar personalities based on the results of the MBTI personality test.
For the future of Thumbs up, this app can be used in the workplace and school to promote better relationships and fun, healthy lifestyles among busy workers and students. As this app enables users to advance as a team and provides them with personalised daily tasks that are based on accurate sources.