Wendy Wang Synbike

  • Tauira / Student
    Wendy Wang
  • Kaiako / Lecturers
    Keryn Christiansen, Gerbrand Van Melle

No one wants to argue ownership when their bike gets stolen. Normally, bike owners must voluntarily register their bikes on a registration platform. But registering a bike requires knowing more about your bicycle than its colour. For example, people who want to register their bicycle might have to find a serial number, where to register it, why they need to register it and how to register it. All this takes time. In fact, besides the registration process, the more urgent problem is that less than 20% of the owners know their bike's serial numbers.
The problem that Synbike addresses is the need for a centralized, reliable, and comprehensive database that tracks bicycle maintenance and ownership history. Currently, bike owners keep track of their bike's service history and ownership details. These records are often scattered, incomplete, or lost over time. Bike shops may keep forms, but these records are typically stored in systems not accessible to bike owners.
This lack of a centralized system can lead to several issues. First, bike owners may need help to provide accurate and complete service histories when selling their bikes, leading to lower resale value. Second, bike shops may need access to service histories when diagnosing and repairing bicycles, leading to potential safety issues and longer repair times. Third, it can be challenging to verify ownership history, making it easier for stolen bikes to be sold in the second-hand market.
Synbike solves this problem by providing a centralized, cloud-based platform for bike owners and shops to track and access bike service and ownership history. Whenever a bike owner takes their bike for service to a registered bike shop, the bike shop updates the service details on Synbike. These are then available to the bike owner and any future bike shops that service the bike. This ensures that the service history of a bicycle is complete and accurate, and bike shops can diagnose and repair bikes more efficiently and safely. Additionally, Synbike verifies the ownership history of bikes, making it harder for stolen bikes to be sold in the second-hand market.
Through Synbike you don't need to go through a long registration process to protect your bicycle. All you need to do is go to a local bike shop, and they will register your bike and record the services.
How does having your bike data recorded in a system benefit you?
Firstly, it will help you when your bike gets stolen. By tracking a bike's serial number, it will be difficult to re-sell a stolen bike. Secondly, having a complete bike service history will benefit you when you want to sell your bike in a second-hand market.
By providing a cloud-based platform that bike owners and bike shops can use to track and access service and ownership history, Synbike ensures that bikes are better maintained, diagnosed, and repaired, increasing resale value and improving bike safety.