Reid McLeay CarbonRank

  • Tauira / Student
    Reid McLeay
  • Kaiako / Lecturers
    Keryn Christiansen, Gerbrand Ven Melle

How might we create a world with a lower carbon footprint?
Carbon costs the Earth in ways that are difficult to understand and appreciate. We have heard of carbon footprints, but we are not entirely sure what they mean and how they compare. Imagine knowing how much what you are buying impacts climate change, giving you the ability to compare similar products and your previous purchases. CarbonRank is going after this challenge of making carbon footprints intuitive and relevant – simultaneously incentivising companies to record and lower their footprints.
CarbonRank explores how carbon footprint information can be given context, allowing us to make more sustainable purchase decisions. CarbonRank aims to create a world where more people understand carbon footprints, empowering them to use this knowledge to guide their purchase decisions.
My intention was to design a product that would inspire a mindset shift away from just comparing the price and nutrition of grocery items. A shift towards considering the measure of how much a product costs our planet. By encouraging people to shop with lower carbon footprints in mind, companies would be incentivised to create more sustainable products – ultimately leading to a world with a lower carbon footprint.
I believe with the right design intentions and treatment, this idea has the potential to grow into a movement that gives consumers the power to create quantifiable environmental change.