Wildlabs 5 Alibi Brewing

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Director
    Seo Young Lee
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Artem Verbo, Kostya Starodub, Eugen Figursky
  • Client
    Alibi Brewing

Alibi Brewing is a result of a rebel, prohibition concept with smart and peaceful disobedience which breaks the rules and traditions, exploring new styles to make “rebel” beer on the island dedicated to wine. Alibi brewers lounge (venue) is built in solid brick-lined walls blocking phone coverage which becomes a perfect “Alibi” if one does not want to take calls. Alibi Brewing is known for limited edition brews, quality craftsmanship and exceptional customer experience.

With the special story behind Alibi Brewing, we wanted to present the brand and its mysteriousness through the confident, bold, expressive design, bright colour palette and typography choices we made. We decided to present the canned beer in an engaging, dynamic and interactive manner which is when we came up with the idea of using 3D animation. Aminated 3D cans encourage the user to interact with the product and to get to know more about the mysterious Alibi Brewing Brand, its product and venue.
We have achieved minimal yet visually impactful in contrast to traditional designs in the beer industry.

Technology-wise we have used WebGL-based canvas graphics, with a custom scrolling synchronisation engine developed in-house at Wildlabs.

As a result, we have designed and built an interactive Brand website that on the one hand encourages the user to explore and interact with it in 3-dimensional space but on the other hand maintains secrecy through the design choices.
The framework is flexible and timeless - a solid foundation set to create an opportunity to develop the brand further.

Alibi Brewing has also received the Mobile Excellence Award.