Wildlabs 5 Lundia Shelving

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
  • Client
    Lundia Shelving

Lundia Shelving is a company with a history dating back to 1946 in Sweden. Recognising the abundance of pine resources in New Zealand, Lundia established a franchise in the country in 1962, offering sustainable modular interior furniture and storage solutions. As a privately owned company, Lundia New Zealand has become a prominent manufacturer and distributor of high-quality furniture throughout New Zealand.

Lundia’s digital presence was outdated and the challenge presented to us was to undertake a comprehensive restructuring of Lundia’s website for their target audiences in the residential, commercial, and education sectors. Lundia wanted to connect its brand to its Scandinavian roots while targeting architects and specifiers, who play a vital role in decision-making processes for interior design projects.

Lundia’s commitment to sustainability was prominently highlighted throughout the website. We showcased the use of eco-friendly materials, emphasised product durability, and provided educational content to raise awareness about the environmental benefits of sustainable modular furniture.

Because of the unique characteristics of the Lundia product, such as its modular design, we have recognised an opportunity to demonstrate its modularity and features using 3D rendering.

The custom furniture configurator and e-commerce platform developed for Lundia Shelving offer customers to model different configuration options and to purchase products online. These tools elevate Lundia’s digital presence and contribute to growth in the competitive furniture industry.