Springload 35 Klim Type Foundry

Large Scale Websites 2020 Credits
  • Creative Directors
    Dan Newman, Kris Sowersby
  • Design Director
    Zak Brown
  • Team Members
    Peter Dekkers, Mitch Ryan, Katie Day, Dean Oemcke, Matthew Holloway, Juliet Brown, Eugene Dementiev, Kanhika Nikam, Calin Dale, Tom Ronan, Jess Kennair, Jess Sowersby
  • Contributors
    Klim Type Foundry, DIA, Alt Group
  • Client
    Klim Type Foundry
Judge's comments:

Klim Type Foundry’s website is a design that is intertwined with beauty, elegance and boldness. The passion and craft that went into the creation of the typefaces are celebrated through the website's product experience, as if these fonts are within a curated exhibition display. The designed experience from home page to shopping cart is a seamless narrative.