Resn 56 GOOD Meat


GOOD Meat is real meat, made without tearing down a forest or taking a life. Cultivated from chicken cells, GOOD Meat is better for humans, animals, and the environment. We partnered with Eat Just, the creators of GOOD Meat, for a website that was beautifully designed with a simple, purposeful and informative approach.

In 2021, after the Singaporean government gave it the regulatory green light, GOOD Meat became the first cultivated meat product approved for commercial sale anywhere in the world. The initial launch site helped GOOD Meat generate headlines around the globe. As the public became more familiar with the concept of cultivated meat, we wanted to take users on a deeper dive for the 2022 version of the site. Our challenge was to explain this brand-new product category to visitors who are seeking information about cultivated meat and correct any misconceptions they might have.

As governments around the world began the process to approve cultivated meat for sale, we understood how important it was to answer some of the big questions. Research has shown that consumers view cultivated meat as less nutritious, safe, and enjoyable to eat than traditional meat products, despite never having tried it. Armed with real facts and stories, we set out to change people’s minds about cultivated meat.

The website guides users through GOOD Meat’s purpose and process with beautiful photography, simple motion graphics, and easy-to-understand explanations. Users learn what GOOD Meat is, why we need it, and how it’s better for humans, animals and the planet. They can also discover how GOOD Meat is made and why it’s just as nutritious as traditional meat. The “Stories” section lets visitors dive deeper into news, views, and personal accounts that bring the need for GOOD Meat into sharper focus. These stories lift the lid on some of the problems of traditional agriculture and how GOOD Meat can play an important role in rejuvenating our food systems.

The carefully-crafted experience helps to inform with easily digestible information that corrects misconceptions, helps raise brand awareness, and communicates GOOD Meat’s many benefits. The deep level of design thinking gives not only provides visitors with an in-depth picture of GOOD Meat but lets them see how it can be part of a better future.