N4 Studio 3 Resonate Health

  • Pou Rautaki / Strategic Leads
    Elliot Maher, Jonathan Cook
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Sophie Hills, Scott Jowsey, Sam Scrimgeour, Andrew Jackson, Rheed MacPherson, Josue Munro, Rupert Enberg
  • Client
    Resonate Health

Resonate Health, a groundbreaking healthcare startup, has reimagined the landscape of hearing health in New Zealand, empowering individuals to embrace healthy ageing. With a deep commitment to customer satisfaction, Resonate has harnessed technology and transparency to simplify and enhance the hearing care experience. This award submission celebrates our partnership with Resonate Health, highlighting the opportunity we seized, our strategic approach, and the exceptional outcomes achieved in reshaping the industry.

Resonate Health was born out of a profound understanding of the challenges faced by individuals seeking hearing care. Recognising the need for a comprehensive solution, we collaborated closely with Resonate to integrate various aspects of their business, brand, technology, and services. Grounded in research and insightful data, our aim was to revolutionise the hearing care industry and promote healthy ageing for a wider audience.

As Resonate Health's partner, we embraced the dynamic nature of the startup ecosystem. Through a collaborative approach, we co-created a customer-centric solution that addressed critical issues in the hearing care landscape. Strategic thinking sessions, design guidance, and the development of robust digital solutions were integral to our partnership. Our comprehensive support ensured a successful market launch amidst fierce competition.

Resonate Health's journey thus far has exceeded expectations, with remarkable achievements in customer adoption, sales, and feedback. The company's commitment to continuous improvement is evident as they meticulously analyse customer engagements and swiftly implement valuable feedback. We developed an end-to-end client management system that prioritised security and scalability, enabling Resonate to optimise services and personalise user experiences.

Resonate Health has emerged as a true disruptor, challenging traditional norms in the hearing care industry. Our partnership exemplifies the power of innovation, customer-centricity, and promoting healthy ageing. We are honoured to have contributed to Resonate's transformative journey and eagerly anticipate the continued positive impact they will have on the lives of New Zealanders. Together, we have set a new benchmark in the healthcare sector, inspiring others to follow suit.

Resonate Health's collaboration with our agency represents a paradigm shift in hearing care, enhancing the lives of individuals across New Zealand. Through our strategic approach, we have redefined industry standards and demonstrated the power of innovation and customer-centricity. Resonate Health's remarkable success serves as a testament to our partnership's ability to drive meaningful change in the healthcare sector. As we celebrate this journey of transformation, we remain committed to empowering individuals and promoting healthy ageing for all.