Juicebox 4 MLP

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
    Anthony Nankervis
  • Pou Rautaki / Strategic Lead
    Pooja Hoderkar
  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Directors
    Matt Woodcock, Mike Boag
  • Kaitautoko / Contributors
    Joe Mooney, Cam Campbell
  • Client
    Mathew Carey

MLP brings purpose to light through collaborative experimentation, fit-for-purpose products, practical expertise and global product knowledge for Australian conditions.

A key component in our brand and market repositioning strategy for MLP beyond defining a unique brand identity, was to reimagine their digital presence to better connect with the Australian market by inspiring them to fall in love with light.

MLP’s previous website was built on utility and had an overwhelming amount of technical information. Though it gave off a perception of reliability and practicality that resonated well with larger-scale commercial projects, it didn’t communicate MLP’s creative and collaborative approach to lighting.

After a brand discovery process, we defined the objective of MLP’s digital experience to be:

Creation of an emotive digital experience that communicates MLP’s personalised approach to lighting, while expressing its new purpose: "Illuminating places to create safe, healthy and inspiring environments for people to be their best."

Digital development for MLP began with a sitemap to transition existing customers who may think of MLP as ‘practical product providers’ to see them as ‘inspiring collaborators’. The content hierarchy reflects the consultancy’s refined positioning – personalisation – while balancing creativity, product and expertise.

MLP’s enormous product range was re-organised in a product listing page with intuitive functionality and refined filtering based on brand and style. The ‘Case Study’ pages became ‘Places’ with images of illuminated spaces that have interactive elements to better reflect the experience and outcome of MLP’s high-quality products.

The use of imagery is artistic, whilst also having a sincerity and homely quality. The product page is clean and enticing, highlighting the beautiful product photography in a staggered waterfall effect, with life-friendly filters that make choosing your next lighting fixture effortless.

Inspired by MLP’s tagline ‘Light at work, Light at play’, we defined four mood states – awaken, energise, unwind and reflect – to create distinct experiences. At a click, the interface changes depending on the user’s desired mood. Using the screen as a source, it subtly puts light and colour psychology into action, demonstrating how creativity influences emotion across real and digital spaces.

MLP’s emotive digital experience has elevated its national reputation and inspired new audiences to consider the emotional and social impact of light.