Gladeye 47 Orcon

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
  • Client

New Zealand’s most daring ISP needed a new web experience that set the brand apart from category conventions, whilst delivering confidence as a critical business tool.

A dynamic new Orcon brand voice had been launched through multiple media channels, and the individuality of this story needed to be brought to life. However, the website also performs the sales function for the business. Established design patterns could not be ignored, especially through the critical path of internet plan customisation and purchase, so thoughtful, data-driven risk-management was a key focus of this redesign.

Taking cues from premium digital retailers, the homepage instantly springs to life with movement, interactivity and a sense of infinite possibilities. By choosing to lead with brand keywords: Dream, Design, Innovate, the site immediately signals an intention to feel original and exciting.

Orcon’s brand promise is the merging of business and consumer life online. Delivering on this promise with smart site features took a coordinated effort between digital design studio and Orcon’s own communications and technology services team. Every prosumer lifestyle is unique, so allowing people to customise connection speeds, account features and support plans became an essential requirement for launch. The plan builder and sign-up flow were rethought entirely, and redesigned for modularity and versatility into the future.

The project is structured for optimisation, with ongoing analysis driving insights for future improvements. A close analysis of historical versions of the ISP sales funnel informed a smarter user experience that allows modular optimisation and testing over time. The new dynamic sign-up puts the customer at the heart of the journey, breaking down technical jargon and common pain points, and giving the customer real flexibility and control—delivering on Orcon’s promise to make their customer feel “unstoppable”.

The result is a beautiful, memorable online brand experience that delivers functionally on the Orcon brand promise of premium, customisable internet services for the future of how Kiwis work, live and play.