Gladeye 47 CyberBrokers

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
  • Kaitautoko / Contributor
    Elliot Stansfield
  • Client

CyberBrokers is a creative NFT project building a cyberpunk world set 200 years in the future. Pockets of humanity survive beneath a frozen earth, plugging into lives of unbounded imagination inside a metaverse called The Paradigm Lost.

The CyberBrokers team wanted a new website to scale with their vision and be the central hub for this lore. It needed to offer smooth on-boarding for newbies but let dedicated fans dive deeper. We saw the new site as more than just a place to store stories, but as a location these stories happen within!

Flowing on from this concept, the UI design is heavily inspired by futuristic operating systems, including influences like GMUNK, Star Wars, Fallout, and Snow Crash. We created a design system with the feeling of a retro futuristic holographic interface, but that feels degraded, glitchy - patched together for two centuries. We played with randomised text effects, graininess, satirical content and malfunctioning patterns throughout.

On the Homepage we want users to be floating inside the metaverse’s database - surrounded by colourful characters, giant mechs and cyberpunk relics. Users can pick up 3D objects, examine them, then dive deeper into the site. They can explore 10,001 character profiles, vivid AI-generated locations, or data chips containing the latest chapters of the CyberBroker canon.

We wanted this sense of exploration and control to run throughout the site. In the character profiles you can play with the SVG layers, turning them on and off to uncover hidden qualities. Being an NFT collectibles project, you can buy objects and customise them. Users are co-owners and creators in this world, not just consumers.

The CyberBrokers NFTs are super-colourful, so we established a darker feeling for the site to let the colours pop. We designed a colour-theming system that responds to content within each page, and serves a complementary palette for the UI elements around it.

All of the stickers in the background of the Homepage were made to feel like cyberpunk graffiti and inspired by the CyberBrokers’ lore. And we designed the Locations pages to be “Live Feeds” from a fictional future - as if the user is surveying them with high-tech binoculars while breaking news scrolls past.

The site continues to evolve rapidly, it’s a flexible creative platform as CyberBrokers build a new media empire full of thirty metre tall mechs, whales with cities on their back, and chicken rocket launchers.