Frontier Les Mills

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
    Hamish Russell
  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Director
    Cornelius Blank
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Ryan Mitchinson, Alisa Hasenwinkel, Justin Treadwell, Julea Cecil, Guy Needham, Carl Millar, Fa Sae-Khang, Stanton Borthwick, Farrah Chavez, Peter Ammon, Aaron Hill, Angelo Alcantara
  • Kaitautoko / Contributors
    Jonty Buchan, Blair Robertson, Becky Button, Marcel Vader
  • Client
    Les Mills New Zealand

Les Mills is a brand synonymous with innovation. Members know they can expect a premium in-club experience with Les Mills, and the team wanted to ensure this was upheld across its digital environments.

The project brief was to redesign the existing Les Mills website and create a brand new member portal that can be accessed anywhere, any time and on any device. The design needed to be on-point – bringing the website in line with the Les Mills identity to create a consistent brand experience.

Ultimately, Les Mills needed a premium website and membership portal that supported the needs of their users while enabling the company to grow their online offering.


A refreshed brand identity by Alt Group had been implemented extensively on site and in print; however, it had not been applied consistently across the website. A key part of the project was to translate this static visual framework into a digital space while maintaining the nuance and integrity of the brand in a fluid and responsive environment. Powerful images and the brand's distinctive typographic behaviours were translated to the screen and an existing colour palette adapted to digital in line with on-screen accessibility standards.

A simple but robust design system was established to guide layouts and maintain consistency across pages. This ensures that, moving forward, the content of the website can evolve and expand while staying true to the brand identity. The system includes a library of versatile and interchangeable components that give the client flexibility to update and maintain a technically sound website.

Seamless Signup without the Sting

The signup section was a particular pain point which needed an overhaul, both in design and functionality. There were complexities to be considered around technical and legal requirements while simultaneously creating a seamless, painfree customer experience.

The nine-step process was reduced to five through simplification of design and the removal of redundant steps and popups. While the signup process still required complex and extensive forms, this was mitigated by careful structuring of information, easy-to-follow steps and clear feedback on progression The overall result was a vastly improved onboarding experience that worked across all screen sizes and reduced administrative load for the client.

The resulting website is a living, breathing Les Mills environment; it's easy to use and provides a solid digital platform for future growth.