Satellite 6 Breakout Room Whittaker’s — Honey Nougat & Almond Launch

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Directors
    Kimberley Torrie, Harley Campbell
  • Pou Rautaki / Strategic Leads
    Nick Lowe, Nikki Streater, Amber Ardern
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Sam McCauley, Nick Simpkin, Sarah Kinniburgh, Nadia Aftimos
  • Kaitautoko / Contributors
    Will Mordido, Francesca Ellem, Sarah Tuxford, Olivia Chan, Isaac Gray, Jazzelle Rowell, Conor Cameron, Bonny Beattie, Ben Lockwood, The Craft Shop, Robert Chapman, Alexandra McElroy, Tess Rencen
  • Client
    J.H Whittaker & Sons

Whittaker’s sought to launch their newest block with an immersive event that would delight and provide an extraordinary chocolate dining experience.

To bring the world of Whittaker’s to life, we utilised wrap-around LED panels and overhead projection to create an immersive and visually stunning dining experience. Each ingredient took centre stage, introduced through captivating screen creative and sound design. Accompanied by dishes meticulously crafted by Chef Will Mordido, the event offered a multisensory taste-testing journey that immersed guests in the flavours, aromas and textures of Whittaker’s Honey Nougat & Almond.

Whittaker’s collaboration with BreakOut Room and Satellite resulted in a truly remarkable immersive dining experience. The fusion of visual storytelling, tantalising dishes, and innovative technology successfully showcased the magic behind Whittaker’s Honey Nougat & Almond flavour. With rave reviews and growing feedback from chocolate lovers, the campaign has effectively raised awareness and solidified the new flavour as a favourite among chocolate enthusiasts.