Satellite 6 MOTAT, Switch Up

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Directors
    Darren Wood, Nadia Aftimos, Jess Gommers
  • Pou Rautaki / Strategic Leads
    Nick Lowe, Nikki Streater
  • Kaituhi Matua / Copywriter Leads
    Todd Dixon, Karla Bo Johnson
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Member
    Matt Visser
  • Kaitautoko / Contributors
    Kieran Lowe, Francesca Riley, Ruby Oliver
  • Client
    Museum of Transport and Technology

MOTAT, in their pursuit to inspire tamariki and their whānau to find sustainable solutions within their communities, embarked on designing a new gallery focused on sustainability. The aim was to create an engaging and educational experience that would encourage visitors to adopt sustainable practices at home, school, and within their communities.

We collaborated closely with MOTAT to understand their objectives and create an experience aligned with their sustainability goals. We conceptualised a digital trail that blends storytelling, interactivity, and problem-solving via eight touchscreens strategically placed throughout the exhibition, allowing visitors to engage with scenarios, collect concepts, and contribute to live data visualisations.

The creative idea behind this immersive experience is to demonstrate the collective impact of individual actions on the environment. Visitors are empowered to realise that their choices can make a significant difference.

We worked closely with MOTAT to craft engaging stories and challenges, ensuring alignment with the intended learning outcomes. Families and school groups can now explore the exhibition and gain insights into the impact of everyday decisions in a fun, engaging, and immediate way.