Insight Creative 56 Heart Foundation Exhibition

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
    Brian Slade
  • Pou Rautaki / Strategic Leads
    Steven Giannoulis, Jeremy Sweetman
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Tanya Smith, Simon Johnson, Kylie Rose, Jeremy Sweetman, Brian Slade, Mason Smith, Kellie Pruden, Joanne Otto, Kirsty Drummond
  • Kaitautoko / Contributor
    Mitch Duncan
  • Client
    Heart Foundation

The Heart Foundation (THF) approached us to create an enhanced visitor experience for the foyer of their Auckland premises. They wanted an experience that connects them with their communities, fostering open and informed conversations about heart health. It also needed to build pride in staff, reinforcing the huge impact their hard work is having.

Our key challenge was work with the concrete, glass, and exposed feel of the space to create an engaging and interactive storytelling experience.

Our spatial concept, Heart to Heart, saw the content grouped into three areas: (1) the physical heart; (2) heartfelt conversations; and (3) the Heart Foundation. Three storytelling zones were created, intersecting at the pou in the centre of the space. The pou represents THF at the heart of the community. A 3D, spatial model was developed to carefully consider the layout including the storytelling sequencing, sightlines, accessibility, traffic flows and lighting needs.

The first zone, to the left of the main thoroughfare, uses technology to explain the physical heart. The giant fibreglass heart immediately grabs the visitor’s attention. The clever use of 3D projection offers a realistic depiction of a beating heart, further enhanced by a heartbeat soundtrack.

Behind the big heart is a wall-mounted interactive screen that takes users through the mechanics of the heart. Using a ‘house’ analogy to make it simple; the walls, electrics and plumbing of the heart are explained. Given the complex content, the focus was on designing and testing intuitive UX and UI that allowed users to control the direction and pace of their experience.

The second zone, behind reception, focuses on human conversations. The hero of this space is the video wall featuring people whose lives are impacted by heart conditions. The videos deliberately dial up the emotion, speaking directly to audiences about the consequences of not looking after your heart. This is further reinforced in the central display stand, offering heart healthy tips and facts, including an animated quiz. The waiting area is placed within this space, encouraging visitors to immerse themselves in the experience.

The third zone, across the back wall and around the corner, tells THF story. Central to the story is a clever timeline, depicting 50 years of activities that have contributed to a 75% reduction in heart related deaths. Next to this, an interactive screen offers a series of life-saving research stories. Around the corner, in the open communal space, THF’s day-to-day impact is showcased through community photography.

The design approach is led by a traditional Māori weave, representing the connection with the community and the dynamic flow of energy. The colour red, and heart shapes, connect the experience to THF and add warmth to the space. The faces of the community take pride-of-place throughout, providing a real connection for locals and staff.

The Heart Foundation are delighted with the experience. Feedback from visitors has been extremely positive and discussions are already underway about how to make the experience more accessible to more health professionals and communities throughout New Zealand.