Blur the Lines 12 Perceptual Engineering Comvita Wellness Lab: Immersive Honey Tasting

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Directors
    Danielle Barclay, Craig McKay, Naomi Rushmer
  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Directors
    Jon Baxter, Peter Hobbs
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Jessie Stent, Lani Rain, Gareth Moon, Kieran E Scott
  • Kaitautoko / Contributor
    Dr Charles Spence
  • Client
    Comvita Limited

Comvita is on a mission to create a world where bees can thrive so they can help to heal the planet for future generations.

Our brief was to create an environment that brought people closer to nature and told the Comvita story in a new way.

Comvita Wellness Lab pays homage to the incredible nature of bees, taking visitors on a multi sensory journey to discover the important role bees play in our ecosystem and the amazing honey they gift us.

We immersed ourselves in all things bees, nature and honey and developed an idea to create an experience that awakened the senses to connect people physically and emotionally to the power of the hive.

Connecting to all five senses was a central part of our approach to the design. To smell and touch the ingredients of the hive, feel its heat, and be connected to nature through an unforgettable audio and visual experience.

We created a 30 minute sensploration honey tasting to connect people to nature and educate them on the health benefits of the honey through an immersive journey from a bees eye view.

The multi sensory exhibition takes place in a custom designed boutique 180 degree theatre and is hosted by a beekeeper.

We wanted to inspire a sense of intrigue, along with tranquillity and escape, the theatre is a clean white canvas that transforms through lighting and projection.

The theatre experience is brought to life using mapped projection on a curved wall as well as surround sound speakers to immerse the audience.

We worked with a leading gastrophysicist to interpret tasting notes into audio visual cues that would heighten the neurological connection for the theatre audience.

Each flavour was prepared and captured in slow motion to give the audience a sense of flying through them.

We filmed New Zealand forests to showcase where the bees forage for nectar and recreated an entire landscape in 3D to enable us to give visitors the sensation of flying into a beehive.

The accompanying soundscape was composed from recordings of bees in nature and envelopes the senses in an orchestral way.

As we enter a beehive visually the room heats up for a moment to connect to the heat of the hive.

The lab extends beyond four walls with an Augmented Reality mapped forest that transforms the physical space and connects customers to more information about the power of bees.

We also created a 3D virtual wellness lab to access online with a forest to explore and 3D modelled products to browse and shop online.