Octave 7 Te Whanake Professional Development Program

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
    Tom de Groen
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Dan Johnstone, Chloe Johnston, Mike Brough, Richard Blake, Richard Campen, Dan Brosnan, Vincent Tran, Claudia Field, Germaine Tang, Rebecca Hollis
  • Kaitautoko / Contributors
    Kylie McQuellin, Donna Jones, Candice Beck, Lisa Riley, Leah Pearless, Brendan Jaques, Mark Cockerill, Asma Smadhi, Kamran Naseem, Emma Town, Jamie Morris, Te Oraiti Reedy, Richard Poole
  • Client
    The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners


Empowered by the goal of improving health outcomes and reducing health inequities for patients across the motu, The Royal New Zealand College of GPs (RNZCGP) — in partnership with our team — set out to improve the quality, engagement, and progression of ContinuingProfessional Development (CPD).

Te Whanake CPD Platform provides a rewarding learning experience while keeping specialist GPs focused on delivering the best health care for their patients. Improved learning design and delivery create a direct, measurable connection between professional development and patient outcomes. These advancements are evidenced by significant growth in engagement and achievement on the platform since its launch.

Feedback shows that doctors are experiencing reduced admin time associated with education and are being provided with better tools to improve their practice. With an estimated 79% of GPs and Rural Doctors describing themselves as burnt out, this is a significant improvement.

“It is now so straightforward and streamlined.” — GP.

The approach

RNZCGP are a member-based organisation of 5,500 professionals with the goal of improving health outcomes and reducing health inequities for patients across the motu. Complex requirements, and a tight budget, alongside integrating with a legacy member system, made it a challenging but rewarding project. Leveraging our experience working with several member-based organisations, we landed on a target solution architecture and roadmap that identified the investment required to deliver Te Whanake and the likely investment in future years.

Specialist GPs were immersed in the design phase, which allowed us to intimately understand their complex requirements and tailor a simple and joyful product experience that provided respite from the constant pressure of their day-to-day practice.

Te Whanake acknowledges progress and celebrates success at all stages of the learning pathway, rewarding GPs with a dopamine boost as they tick off their achievements. This experience made tracking their progress easy and kept GPs motivated towards completing their learning goals. Te Whanake explicitly facilitates in-person discussions, improving the sector's social fabric and community of continuous learning.

The outcome

Since the launch of Te Whanake, the RNZCGP CPD team has experienced a steep drop-off in support emails. The new system simplifies the task of adding activities, goals and reflections — dramatically reducing time on each page by speeding up micro-interactions through a multitude of lightning-fast background tasks. Patterns of use have also improved significantly — engagement has increased and is now consistent across weeks and months rather than ramping up steeply towards a spike as deadlines approach. A rise in credit achievement amongst GPs is shown in the numbers.

Our team rose to the challenge and worked in harmony with our client.

“They quickly understood the aim of the College's CPD requirements and brought a fresh perspective to deliver complex requirements in a simple and user-friendly platform while making sure that our members were at the forefront of design choices and functionality.” — Candice Beck, Manager of Membership & Professional Development, the College.