N4 Studio 3 Resonate Customer Dashboard

  • Pou Rautaki / Strategic Leads
    Elliot Maher, Jonathan Cook
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Sophie Hills, Scott Jowsey, Andrew Jackson, Harley Lin
  • Client
    Resonate Health

Resonate Health, a groundbreaking healthcare startup, has reimagined the landscape of hearing health in New Zealand, empowering individuals to embrace healthy ageing. With a deep commitment to customer satisfaction, Resonate has harnessed the latest in technology and transparency to enhance the hearing care experience. This submission celebrates our partnership with Resonate Health, highlighting the opportunity we seized, our strategic approach, and the exceptional outcomes achieved in reshaping the industry.

To allow for a truly customer first experience we focused on the end-to-end clinical experience both customers and clinicians had to undertake to deliver hearing care solutions. This involved working closely with both personas groups to understand where the value was gained and where the pain points were felt to effectively deliver hearing aids in an effective way.

From this exercise we identified that a considerable issue faced by both parties was coming from the fact that in the traditional model of hearing care, an average of 3 appointments were required. This was a significant hurdle and logistical issue for everyone involved. Therefore we set the goal to reduce the average number of 3 down to 1 appointment.

In collaboration with Resonate Health, we initially explored existing platform solutions that could flex to our target, whilst still maintaining the high standard of customer service and clinical grade outcomes. However through this exercise it was evident that the solutions globally weren’t anywhere to the standard or adaptability we required to deliver a leading solution.

As a result we focused on building a customer and clinical facing experience that delivered to the standards we set, from the ground up. This resulted in us creating a customer and clinical facing on-boarding and dashboard experience that the world of audiology had never seen. Simple, interoperable and highly flexible. We have been able to evolve and shape the experience and interface quickly and easily as feedback and new requirements came in.

Including the end-to-end clinical experience in the Resonate dashboard has significantly impacted the hearing care industry in New Zealand. By addressing the limitations of existing clinical software, Resonate Health has set a new standard for simplicity and efficiency, and ultimately accessibility. Clinicians and customers can now navigate the clinical process seamlessly, optimising their time and strengthening the patient-clinician relationship. This has allowed for a patient-centric approach that elevates the overall engagement and personalises to every customer.

The Resonate dashboard, developed in collaboration with Resonate Health, is a groundbreaking experience in the audiological space. Alongside the seamless booking experience, we are proud to have created an end-to-end clinical experience within the dashboard. This solution simplifies the workflow for clinicians, allowing them to spend more quality time with patients and less time doing data entry. By prioritising simplicity and efficiency, Resonate Health and our team have set a new benchmark in the industry, enhancing the patient-clinician relationship. We are honoured to have been part of this transformative journey and remain committed to our shared vision of making hearing care accessible for every kiwi.