Edition 5 Carepatron

  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Directors
    Jodie Catterall, Scott Kennedy
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Ashley Keen, David Pene, Jamie Frew
  • Kaitautoko / Contributors
    Konstantin Kornev, Natasja Gojak, Tim Francis Jaci, David Jeames, Jacky Jiang


80% of the world's 26 million small healthcare teams don't have a singular platform to manage their day-to-day activities. Instead, they 'hack' together single-feature products and manual processes. This heavily impedes their client interaction considering 40% of their day is consumed by scheduling, communication, notes, reports, billing, and payments.

This creates dangerous information and workflow silos that drive staff burnout, deliver poor client experiences, and cost lives.

Our mission is to innovate healthcare by automating and optimising low-value tasks with an all-in-one healthcare workspace solution.

Carepatron was co-created with practitioners to ensure we met their basic needs, and built on them, to create a platform they would love to use. We ran behavioural interviews and questionnaires with 706 health professionals. Then, we tested an MVP solution with 234 healthcare teams across 9 countries, including NZ, Australia, Asia Pacific, and North America.


Carepatron is the first all-in-one healthcare workspace for small teams and their clients. For practitioners, it’s a sleek platform that consolidates daily workflow, communications, and payments. For clients, it’s a beautiful app that powers their healthcare experience with the ability to securely manage records, communication, appointments, and payments.

Early on, we discovered the lack of existing solutions meant practitioners were using outdated tech and processes. This meant Carepatron had to cater to all skill levels and be accessible across different devices with varying resolutions. Practitioners are also expected to step into new teams or support a crisis at short notice, therefore it was imperative our solution was fully utilizable without prior training.

As a result, the Carepatron interface promptly delivers and clearly displays often complex information, in a practical yet elegant way. We took a minimalist approach to assist the cognitive load of users – opting for simple typefaces, simplified navigation, and easily accessible task cards that section out the interface. With a muted colour palette, our design decisions reflect maximum accessibility at any stage in the user journey.

Technical Resolution & Craft

Pre-existing healthcare software often falls into legacy-technology traps that tire the process, adding strain to an already strenuous job. We focused on combining Artificial Intelligence, automation, and serverless cloud infrastructure to deliver an effective solution. The result is a UX that scales globally.

To help streamline this process, we developed a component library using atomic design methodology. This empowered faster design and therefore faster solutions, as we were able to push out new iterations for user feedback more frequently – all while keeping a familiar front-end experience.

However, none of this matters if healthcare data is not safe or secure. So bank-level encryption with multiple layers of AES-256 encryption is used to protect data while it’s transmitted or stored. We maintain strict controls to ensure that the information within our workspace is equal to or better than many financial institutions.

We also packed Carepatron with powerful tools, like voice transcription backed by a custom-built Healthcare Terminology library, workflow automation, and HIPAA-certified telehealth, delivering a product that truly reflects how practitioners work.