Colenso BBDO 52 Watermark Creative 12 A Dog's Story

Digital Products 2016 Credits
  • Creative Directors
    Aaron Turk (Digital, Nick Worthington
  • Contributors
    Ahmad Salim, Alice Sopwith, Tim Freeman, Maria Granados, Abbi Barker, Maria Bjorkman, Neville Doyle, Amy Pollok, Paul Gunn, Will Thorrat, Natasha Gill, Amber Jones, David Way, Anton Petrov, Franklin Road, Roam Ltd, Fernando Hart, Starcom, Debbie Lang, Oliver Downs
  • Team Members
    Emily Osborne, Henry Wall, Brent Courtney, Mike Davison
  • Client
Judge's comments:

A great concept for its intended audience that is animated, educational AND fun. Age appropriate while appealing to all ages. Did we mention fun?