Special Group 141 Good Morning World

Digital Campaigns 2020 Credits
  • Creative Directors
    Tony Bradbourne, Stu Mallarkey, Tom Martin, Julian Schreiber, Jack Nunn, Nils Eberhardt
  • Design Director
    Heath Lowe
  • Team Members
    Rory Gallery, Michael Redwood, Storm Day, Sandra Daniel, Pip Shepherd, Amelia Daly, Rachael Williams, Daisy Conroy-Botica, Bonnie Shum, Isabeau Brimeau, Callum Orr, Katie Mortensen, Cade Heyde, Lindsey Evans, Celia Garforth, Michelle Braslin, Sinead Kelly, Nick Lilley, Sharon Gray, Jesse McCallum
  • Contributors
    Dylan Pharazyn, Charlotte Evans, Mark Burrows, Zoe McIntosh, Fiona King, Ben Dailey, Andy Mauger, Ben Chesters, Alex O’Shaughnessy, Nathan Pickles, Max Scott, Darryl Ward
  • Client
    Tourism New Zealand
Judge's comments:

Good Morning World is a gift to the world from New Zealand, highlighting the essence of doing things the humble, Kiwi D.I.Y way: low-cost but high-quality, resulting in an impressive social and global reach. This is the kind of thing you want to wake up in the morning to and see in your feed. Spreading positive vibes to kick off each day, in a world that is not so nice right now.