Jonathan Aquino Bub

Student Product 2021 Credits
  • Student
    Jonathan Aquino
  • Lecturers
    Anke Nienhuis, Kate Weatherly

For so long, we have believed the normality of babies crying, feeling distressed, unsettled and looking tired. We believe that it is just “what babies are.” But the truth is, we just do not know what is actually happening. This leaves the majority of parents uneducated and unaware. This westernized thinking has contaminated the natural way we should be raising our newborns. We have labelled these solvable conditions of colic, reflux and dairy overload seen as unsolvable and medicated issues.

For this project, I had read a book named baby cues and had the privilege to meet with the author Philippa Murphy. I quickly found that Philippa‘s ambition in curing the most silent pandemic in the world was intentional.

And I caught on.

The issue is that parents are unaware of their child’s digestive happenings. The majority of their communication and body movements (Crying & feeling distressed) relate to their digestive functions. These manifestations can be counteracted by using Philippa’s new method of burping to alleviate and release ingested air that causes pain to a child. The root issue is Digestive Overload when there is an imbalance of wind (air) and enzymes in the stomach and oesophagus. This happens in three ways,

1. Babies swallow too much air
2. Parents feed their baby too frequently
3. Parents don’t burp their child enough.

There is an opportunity to prevent colic, reflux and dairy overload by winding your child comprehensively. Bub is an interactive baby suit that helps and educates parents to achieve optimum winding. It is designed to be an essential tool for all parents in the first 12 months of raising their newborn.

The suit is 100% natural merino crafted by 3D knit techniques. The coloured and braille-like knit piece indicates where the wind travels in the digestive system. It is designed for the parent to feel and recognize where to stroke and place pressure on where the child feels pain most. This will encourage intuitive interaction and rich learning for parents. The suit also grows with the child in the first year! It stretches and hugs the skin. Then, you can reuse it with the next! Lastly, the suit is assisted with a poster and booklet that guides the parent to follow and learn an easy step by step process in performing the winding technique.

You can expect to bond with your child harmoniously with Bub!