Proximity New Zealand 2 The Big Ticker

Colour Award Graphics 2021 Credits
  • Creative Directors
    James Mok, Aaron Turk
  • Design Director
    Nick McFarlane
  • Team Members
    Reuben Hannaford, Mark Cooper, Justin Fels, Kasun Ilesinghe, Tracy Powell, Suneil Narsai, Geordie Brassett, Mia Walsh, Lauren Griffin, Amy Cole
  • Contributors
    Amy Galvin, Mark Vincett, Nicola Henshaw, Craig McKay, Elizabeth Roebuck, Gina Kelly, Darryn Warhaft, Amy Renall, Simeon Patience
  • Client
    Proximity New Zealand

Feeling the pulse of New Zealand

To understand New Zealanders you need to know what makes them tick, and The Big Ticker uncovers just that. By examining data at a macro and generational level it pinpoints how New Zealanders spend their time, attention and money. It’s a finger on the pulse of New Zealand that tells us precisely what makes hearts flutter.